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In times of uncertainty with a raging pandemic in full swing and the rise of inflation knocking at your doorstep because of it, a lot of living components and lifestyle routines need to be recessed. One of the top components in the list is the steep rise of oil prices concerning the mass.  A change in our choice of transportation specifically is certainly an important component in that. 

As per the Indian Government, the automobile sector represents 18% of absolute energy utilization in India. This means an expected 94 million tons of oil equivalent (MTOE) energy. If India somehow managed to pursue the current directions of energy utilization, it would require an expected 200 MTOE of energy supply yearly, by the year 2030 to fulfil the need of this sector. Right now, this demand is being met generally through imported crude oil, which consequently makes this sector susceptible to unstable International raw petroleum costs.

Discussing the auto business, one of the greatest ecologically aware changes that we have encountered as of late is the introduction of EVs. Electric Vehicles appear to be the ideal future to tackle multiple issues! We will discuss the details of how EVs can resolve multiple issues that affect us at the moment. 

Zero Susceptibility to fuel hikes

Varying and steep rise in fuel cost has been troubling the whole country massively in recent times. This susceptibility to fuel hikes is immediately mitigated in the event of your purchase of an EV. Given India relies highly on imported crude oil; any effect on the worldwide fuel cost will not affect your mobility in any way with an EV by your side. You can drive in harmony for eternity! 

Minimal Maintenance Cost

One of the major reasons for you to consider EVs is their surprisingly low upkeep cost. With a vehicle that runs on an IC motor, many mechanical parts and intricacies are involved which also leads to trouble in support. EVs are simple and less expensive to keep up with on account of their straightforward design and operations. 

Soundless Support

Adding to help curb air pollution, an EV also helps in controlling some amount of noise pollution. The rationale is straightforward; there is no motor in the engine so there is no noise either.  The electric engine works so quietly that you can even peruse a book inside! Considering the pragmatic side, even though the insides of a car may be silent, an EV can easily top that given there is no motor to make the sound. The EVs are entirely quiet, to the point that makers need to add false sounds to make it safe for pedestrians. 

Low Running Costs 

Another significant benefit that EVs convey over customary IC motor vehicles is the running expense. For example, let’s take Rugged Bikes, which delivers around 160kms in a single charge of not more than 4 hours, this reduces the cost of travel to 100+kms without expending a single penny per kilometre! This is one of the major advantages of purchasing an EV given its India! 

Simple Charging at Home! 

Skip the hassle and long waits at a petrol pump, with an EV by your side, enjoy a significant benefit where you can basically connect your vehicle at your home for 4-5 hours and you are prepared to move again immediately. In fact, your home now can be your fuel station if you own an EV! The only problem that might occur is if you forget to charge your bike! But with rapid growth in the industry and the design of EVs becoming even more robust, these days new innovation has led to quick charging abilities which permit juicing up your bike in fewer than 60 mins! 

Climate Friendly 

In case you are utilizing or intending to purchase an EV, you are certainly being proactive towards the crisis of climate change. The earth has recuperated to a certain extent while the world was under lockdown but we ought to remember the climate whenever we choose to purchase.  Purchasing an EV can lessen your carbon impression in light of the fact that there will be no emissions by any means! EVs are one of the most eco-friendly methods of transport accessible right now on the lookout. 

Government Incentives

The advantages of purchasing an EV are not restricted to the actual vehicle. Presently, the Delhi government is pushing the purchase of an EV extensively since the climate and smog conditions, EVs are the future! The Delhi government has as of late launched an electric vehicle policy under which you can get extra advantages of up to ₹1.5 Lakhs! 

EVs are Future Proof! 

Taking into account where we are heading, EVs are the main future we can turn toward! The non-renewable energy sources are going to exhaust at any point in time and it will be an ill decision to exhaust all of them. Electricity is similarly produced from petroleum derivatives yet we are gradually moving towards renewable sources of energy which is most certainly the future to come! We have solar energy and wind energy which are sustainable and don’t cause contamination as well! EVs are the future and it is time we adopt them in our present quickly for a sustainable future.

Infrastructure Development

With the Indian Government pushing policies for clean technology, huge amounts of investments are made to develop infrastructure to curb the long-range drive issues. This makes it the best opportunity to purchase an EV. With an EV by your side, you are already a step closer to the future

Fossil fuels will eventually deplete and losing out on all-natural fossil fuel will cost humankind dearly. Said that this is the best time to switch and be a part of the revolution of sustainability!  The above are fairly strong reasons for you to consider an EV today! 

Susceptibility to fuel hikesHighLow
Maintenance CostHighLow
Running Costs HighLow
Charging at HomeUnavailableAvailable
Ill Effect on EnvironmentHighLow
Government IncentivesLowHigh
Future UseLowHigh
Future Infrastructure SupportModerateHigh

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