Top 5 Electric Bikes to consider in India


The market for electric vehicles is at its nascent stages where there is a lot of buzz around the subject. The more we look for solutions to slow down the adverse effects of climate change, the more we hear about how crucial it is for us to switch to alternative power sources. And that is exactly where this discussion absolutely opens up. If we are to hope for a day where we can really see a total reverse of the climate change process, then switching our daily commutes that run on fossil fuels to electric vehicles has to be a top priority.

Agreed, that this change is not going to be sudden. Therefore, the first step towards such a change is to gradually develop a habit. One can look at switching over from the usual motorbikes that employ petrol/diesel as their power source into an electric bike that runs on rechargeable batteries. With oil prices touching the sky year on year, this could be a good move. Plus, the fact that the batteries are rechargeable is an added bonus.

With that in mind, if one were to seriously consider getting an electric bike, here is a ready reckoned of some of the best electric bikes that are currently available in the country:

1. Revolt RV 400 – With a muscular body design unlike most other electric bikes, this one has a battery capacity of 3.24kWh and boasts of one of the better mileages that you may find in this category of bikes. The revolt app enables the rider to start the bike remotely. Currently, it is priced sub 1 lac and comes in three colour options of red, black and white. However, it is not easily available to the masses and getting your hands on this model might test your patience.

2. Ather 450X – Available in 2 variants and 3 colours, this electric bike looks more like a scooter and less like a motorbike as is the case with most e-bikes. It can go up to a top speed of 80 kmph which is a little under what Revolt RV 400 claims to achieve. The battery charging time for this bike is a little on the higher side; however, it comes with a charging station that can be easily installed at home. Having said that, this might not be a very suitable option for people in communities who are always on the move. It comes with a combined braking system, full LED lighting, touchscreen instrument controls which allows for the rider to manage music and calls while on the go.

3. Rugged – As the name suggests, this e-bike is positioned as the strongest electric bike made specifically for Indian roads. It’s a smart bike with good mileage and one of the better charging times available in the industry. It has water-resistant and portable, swappable batteries and a chassis designed for maximum strength. It has a unique look compared to its competitors in the market, falling neither into the motorcycle muscular design category nor your run-of-the-mill scooter look. It has a retro-meets-futuristic style about it which sets it apart. Frankly, this is one of the best options for multi-purpose usage in the Indian market whether you are a student needing a stylish bike to set you apart while also serving the commute or a householder needing a vehicle to run regular errands or a housekeeper looking for a vehicle to commute to and from work or drop your kid to school. 

4. OLA S1 – By far this electric bike claims the highest speed available at 90-115 kph depending upon the variant you choose. It has a sleek design and looks neat and lightweight. It is positioned as a vehicle for domestic use where the brand talks more about large boot space and fits all kinds of personality types, be it college-goers, stay-at-home moms, or the guy-next-door. It is available in 10 colours. The battery is not removable which is one of the downers in this case, however, they do have an ambitious plan to install mass charging stations across the country to compensate for the batteries not being swappable.

5. Bajaj Chetak – Bajaj is all set to make a comeback in the two-wheeler space after having ruled the Indian roads for a long time with its classic scooter of the same name until motorbikes took over and scooters became scantily used. With a top speed of 70 kmph, this e-bike also has a combined braking system. Design-wise it looks more like a Vespa than a scooter. The pricing is a little on the higher side slotted at INR 1.38  lakh approximately compared with the features it packs.

The electric bike market is set to boom in the next 5 years with so much buzz in the space already underway. Some statistics say that there are more than 150 variants available today in the market starting from INR 25,000 going all the way up to INR 3 lac that the Ultraviolette f77 commands with its super-bike like looks and features. At the moment, a mileage of 70-85kmph is ideal and any bike that provides swappable batteries and costs sub 1 lac should be a good starting point to start considering a shift to electric bikes. Additional features to consider are AI-enabled controls, strength and stability suited for Indian roads and of course the style you dig!

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