Adding More Feathers to the Cap – eBikeGo Acquires Muvi and Velocipedo

eBikeGo acquires Muvi and Velocipedo

November and December of 2021 have been quite a busy and festive time for eBikeGo, not just because of the many festivals this fall but also because of the series of good news that has lit the pathway towards a sustainable future for the company and all of the Indian EV market. 

Electric bike mobility platform eBikeGo declared in November that it has obtained the rights to produce the smart electric Trike ‘Velocipedo’ of a renowned Spanish auto organization Torrot in India, in a multi-million dollar deal.

With this, eBikeGo presently plans to enter the luxury electric three-wheeler industry and expects to make these bikes at its manufacturing plant in Pune. The acquisition will address a speciality in the Indian mobility area, especially in the electric vehicle (EV) segment.

Dr Irfan Khan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, eBikeGo, said “We will begin producing ‘Velocipedo’ in India (most presumably by March) – localizing everything as per the market necessities and most likely the first batch of the EV will go to the European markets, then, eventually, the second batch will be released to the European and US markets and later post-approval of ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) we will dispatch it in India (by end of 2022 or mid-2023).” 

Velocipedo will be manufactured in three fundamental models — individual use, Trick Taxi and Cargo vehicle, in Pune. The fundamental model can fit two individuals, has a full cab like structure and safety belts; helmets will not be needed.

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 95 kph, a range per charge of 200 km, and a curb weight of 180 kg. It will require 1.5 hours (on 220V outlet) to completely charge the Velocipedo and a regenerative braking element could add 10-20 per cent to the range.

The 155 kg Velocipedo-C, which is planned for business purposes, has a room just for the driver alongside sufficient room to fit 70 kg of freight. This model simply has a fundamental windshield and it will require a helmet to operate.

The ‘Velocipedo’ will cost ₹4-5 lakh, however as the European business sectors are suspending transports run on petroleum derivatives, such compact EVs are sought after for individual mobility. The organization will manufacture around 36,000 vehicles per year, to begin with at the Talegaon office in Maharashtra.

To add another jewel to their crown, eBikeGo in its third acquisition this year has procured the product rights to manufacture another Electric Vehicle of Spanish auto organization Torrot in India called – ‘Muvi’. With a plan to capture 5% of the overall two-wheeler electric vehicle market, eBikeGo will manufacture and sell ‘Muvi’ Scooters in India and across the world.

Equipped with an IoT and AI-empowered electric vehicle and connected feature, ‘Muvi’ is an e-moto scooter that can be effectively controlled and observed using a cell phone remotely. It has a swappable battery, permitting purchasers to utilize swapping stations.

Muvi is already a ‘Go-to-Market’ item as Torrot has put a great extent into R & D, beginning around 2015, keeping the need to cater to a worldwide market as a priority and has effectively evolved and sold 30,000 units in Europe. This demonstrates a profitable move for eBikeGo to gain rights for the development of such a product.

“We are very glad to have procured the permit of manufacturing ‘Muvi’, one of the main electric vehicles from prestigious worldwide auto organization Torrot in India. With regards to facts, approx. 25 million bikes are sold each year in India alone. Out of which, electric bikes are achieving only a small fragment (0.3 %). This part has been continually noticed all through the last 6 years which demonstrates the absence of market adoption. As of now, the significant issue is that the client-driven approach is missing. We are sure that traditional vehicles, which are one of the main reasons for carbon emissions, can be effectively and successfully supplanted by Muvi. This will significantly assist us with expanding our perspectives and additionally turn us into the front runner of electric mobility adoption in the country. Muvi, being a technologically advanced vehicle and right now being sold and operated in 12 nations, doesn’t need any homologation to supply in these business markets, opening ways for worldwide presence. ” said Dr Irfan Khan.

Muvi weighs 83 kgs and has a power of 4.1 CV (3 Kw) which is comparable to 125 CC. It can go up to 100 km in Eco mode with a maximum speed of 60 km/hr.

The future of mobility is electric and the post-Covid world presents a chance for the industry to speed up the adoption of electric mobility with eBikeGo as its pace-setter, putting the Indian EV industry on the worldwide map.

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