10 Reasons Why You Must Shift to Electric Vehicle

Well let me start by mentioning the commonly known adage – Change is the only constant. Technology is evolving every two years at present times as compared to the past when we would have 5-7 years for major updates to happen. We live in a hyper-competitive world now and everything is becoming automated. Such leaps in technology have eased our life, increased standards of living around the world but also cost the universe dearly. 

Electric vehicles are all the rage nowadays, here are 10 reasons why you should consider shifting to one –

  1. Do it for the Future Generations – first and foremost we cannot talk about this shift without discussing how it will benefit the environment. Today our planet needs to recuperate from the damages caused to it by our own greed. Future generations will have nothing to survive on if we do not quit fossil fuels and shift to renewable sources of energy.
  1. Become a Change-maker – Be the first to shatter the norm. Small efforts towards lifestyle changes like shifting to electric vehicles will go a long way in sowing the seeds of necessary change. Normalising the need of the hour and creating an opportunity to hold dialogue by walking the talk is a great way to effect desired results like lesser carbon emissions, reduced pollution leading to better air quality. This will also inspire others around you to take their first steps towards a new direction.
  1. Subsidiary Benefits – Over the last few years, governments across the world have also realised that it is high time to take effective measures to slow down carbon emissions. In lieu of increased frequency of natural calamities, central and state governments are providing enough benefits to increase the rate of adoption of electric vehicles. Some of these  tax rebates and subsidies include purchase incentives worth INR 30,000, registration fees being waived off and road tax exemptions. Now these are put in place to nudge people towards a sustainable way of getting things done however these incentives are valid for a limited period only. Now is the time to cash in on the first-mover advantage.
  1. Think Ahead – With the amount of buzz surrounding the electric vehicle industry, it is evident that this is the future. There is more focus on research to make these electric vehicles’ performance better. This is going to take over the incumbent automobile industry in less than 5 years. Hence the current concerns are minor consumer trends at this point which will get allayed over a couple of years.
  1. Easier to Manage – Imagine this, you need to rush to a meeting or the hospital and you realize you are running low on fuel! Which means you need to make a detour to the gas station and wait in line and wait some more while the tank fills up. Well! All this could be done away with swappable batteries that electric bikes operate on. You can always have a back-up battery charged and ready to go whenever the need arises. No more detours or waiting required.
  1. Lower Maintenance Costs – Another perk of having an electric vehicle is that they have fewer moving parts which means that they will not need constant management. This automatically translates to lower repair costs thus saving a whole lot of money in the long run. If you consider a period of 5 years to compare the expenses incurred as maintenance cost by an ebike and a petrol bike, you will find that the former incurs only around 1/6th of the what a petrol bike will cost you, that too after the first 3 years of warranty that an e-bike comes with and only because you may need to replace the battery pack due to old age.
  1. Leverages smart tech – The electric vehicle industry is leveraging the internet of Things in a big way and this is just the beginning. You will be getting a smart riding experience where you can have complete control over your vehicle remotely. You can also monitor performance. These vehicles also come with sensors and actuators where it can automatically detect when to apply brakes, maintain motor temperature, helmet application, odometer etc.
  1. Other Monetary Benefits – Since there is so much focus on supporting this industry, chances are your registration fees will be waived off or discounted extensively depending upon the state you are in. Not only that, if you actually do the math, electricity is way cheaper than fuel.
  1. Expansion of public charging stations – Over the next couple of years, charging stations for electric vehicles will become more prevalent. It is also said that workplace charging stations will also be installed which would then make fuel pumps redundant. This makes life much easier as now you can simply charge your bike through any 3-point plug before hitting the road.The best time to reinvent oneself is now. Electric Vehicles are the future!
  1. Quieter, safer, more efficient – Using an electric Vehicle will help reduce noise pollution and is overall better for the environment. They are also safer to drive on the streets and in some cases you may enjoy riding on specific lanes set aside for EVs. Plus it is performance -centric as well as cost-effective.

EVs are the future and quite honestly it is the only way our planet can survive. Add to this the current push by governments and industry stalwarts towards the adoption of EVs, you stand to benefit a lot if you plan to make the shift now!

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