Our story

Climate change is a phenomenon that is evident and real even if we choose to ignore it. The rate at which our natural surroundings are deteriorating is higher than ever. In such a grim situation, what can we do as individuals to slow this rate or arrest the adverse effects of human-led degradation?

This was the prominent question which every team member asked themself when starting off with Rugged. This was the driving sentiment which led to the beginning of a revolution in India’s EV two-wheeler industry.

Years of hard work, innumerable hours of sweating it out on the drawing board and workshop have brought us to this day, where we bring you ‘RUGGED’, the strongest EV ever made.

A general notion associated with EVs till now, is that they are delicate, built of lightweight materials to ensure optimum performance and maximize range. But we wanted to shatter all of these and bring a vehicle which was as Robust as much as being environmentally friendly.

The name, which in English equates to being strong, also draws familiarity to the hindi word ‘ruggad’ which translates to rough and tough use. And this is exactly what Rugged is all about. It’s one vehicle that’ll skim through any terrain, any weather, any challenge that you throw at it.

Rugged EV

Our Philosophy

Rugged is not all about being strong, it is equally smart and intelligent. It has a host of geeky features like GPS tracking, remote immobilisation. Rugged also comes with a host of connected features which can be accessed through it’s mobile application. This means you have complete control over your vehicle.